The general philosophy behind our preschool program addresses kindergarten readiness. This is not a program of strict academics. It is a program in which we build children’s social, emotional, physical as well as intellectual being through well-planned activities, and by encouraging self-discovery.

Included in our program are experiences in language arts, social studies, science, math, art, dramatic play, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, music and creative movement. These activities are usually open-ended and related to the children’s own real life experiences.

Below is a list of some things that you will find in our classroom.

General Kindergarten Readiness Skills

Cutting Sequencing Likes/differences
Classifying Spatial awareness Colors
Shapes Alphabet Name recognition
Counting Self-expression Responsibility
Listening Thinking process Attention span
Self-awareness Self-concept  
Pasting Sorting  

Specifically, we encourage reading through...

Language arts Emergent literacy Labeling pictures/objects
Flannel board Verbal stories Story tapes
Stories / puppets Search and find Puzzles
Sequencing Auditory discrimination  

Social studies is incorporated into reading by learning about other people, places, and occupations in their world through books, maps, and objects or pictures related to the books.

We encourage math through...

Sequencing by size, shapes, pattern, etc. Blocks Games with dice or spinners
Counting aloud Graphing  
Money Shapes  
Puzzles More or less  
Simple addition and subtraction    

We encourage science through...

Providing choices with equipment to discover:

Magnifying glasses Microscopes Binoculars
Bug catchers/keepers Magnets Tweezers
Water Soil Animals
Asking questions Predicting Comparing
Observing Generalizing Evaluating

We encourage creativity through...

Child-directed activities Implementing music Prop boxes, costumes, etc.

And providing materials such as:

Tempera paints Finger paints Sand
Markers Scissors Crayons
Tissue paper Water Tape
Construction paper Fabrics Playdough
Goop Shaving cream Soap flakes

We encourage social/emotional development through...

Respecting other's feelings / belongings Body language Facial gestures
Expression Sharing Quiet times / active times
Verbal skills Following directions and rules  

We encourage physical development through...

Music and movement Fine motor muscle coordination Experimenting with new equipment
Eye-hand coordination Balance  
Active games Crossing center  
Coordination of large Modes of locomotion  
Pre-school Sample Daily Schedule
Time Activity
6:30-7:30 Arrival / Breakfast / Self Discovery (Room 6)
7:30-8:50 Arrival / Breakfast / Self Discover (Room 1)
8:50-9:00 Clean up
9:00-9:20 Large Group Time
9:20-9:30 Planning Time
9:30-10:30 Work Time
10:30-10:40 Clean up
10:40-11:00 Small Group Time/Review
11:00-12:00 Outside (weather permitting) or indoor gross motor
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:30 Brain Quest/Stories
1:30-3:00 Rest/Nap time
3:00-4:20 Plan/Work time
4:20-4:30 Clean up
4:30-4:50 Large Group.Review
4:50-6:00 Outside (weather permitting) or indoor gross motor

Pre-school  Sample Lesson Plan
Week Of: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Interest Areas Add Pipes to Block Area Add Beauty/Barber props to Kitchen Area Add Sound Bingo to Toys & Games Add View Finders to Book Area Add Sequence & Pom Poms to Art Area
Large Group Bear Hunt Exercise Cards Who is in your family? What are some things you do with your family? What is special about your family?
Read Aloud A Mother for Choco
Just Grandma and Me
My Monster Mama Loves Me So
Just Go To Bed
I Don't Want to go to Bed
Kevin and his Dad
The Little Lost Duckling
Mama, Do you love me?
Imagination Story
Where the Wild Things Are
Up on Daddy's Shoulders
Little Tiger's Big Surprise
I Love My Family
Little Critters: The Picnic
I Love You, Dad
Small Group Matching colors Cutting with scissors What's Missing? Building with Legos ABC Flash
Outdoor Experiences Blowing Bubbles
Family Partnerships Bring in pictures of your family
Wow! Experiences Putting up our family tree