We have a concern … and it has to do with you. Since our beginnings in 1974, our feelings have gone out to parents who must deal with the anxiety of sending their children to be cared for by someone else. Because of this concern, we have designed your child’s program and our facility to put your mind at ease.

You will have daily contact with your child’s teaching staff and with the center’s administrative staff. There are a variety of other communication options to assure you are fully aware of your child’s activities and development. These include:
  • Parent conferences at your convenience.
  • Daily or weekly individual reports on your child, depending on age.
  • Parent bulletin boards in each classroom.
  • Classroom and center newsletters.
  • One-way classroom observation windows so you can observe your child in the natural classroom setting.
  • Phones in each classroom office so you can call at your convenience.
  • Evening access to the center director by phone.
Finally, we have an open door policy for our families. This means you can drop by any time to eat lunch with your child, lead an activity in your child’s classroom or just hang out to play and observe.

Please give us a call at (734) 434-0505.